Finally agriculture
got easier, prettier, smarter, funnier and social!

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Hi tech at your service

Based on space age hydroponics systems that will feed future Mars expeditions, CoolFarm is able to deliver the healthiest and fastest growing plants at your own home. CoolFarm never sleeps and is always looking after your plants for you, meaning you can go on vacation without any concerns.

All the magic happens inside the CoolFarm brain, and thanks to the multiple sensors CoolFarm’s got all of your plant needs covered!

CoolFarm also has a powerful Wi­Fi connection that allows a permanent communication between you and your plants. This means that you can check up on your plants and control everything with your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

3 steps to Set Up CoolFarm at home:

1. Insert a seed or a grown plant in CoolFarm vase
2. Fill the water and nutrients containers
3. Plug it in and synchronize it with your devices

Your CoolFarm is ready!

ATTENTION: CoolFarm can be sold as just the electronic system (including the mobile and web App). In fact, CoolFarm can be used in large hydroponic farms, making the industry control easier and more profitable.

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100% Natural. Be healty!

You are the one in charge when it comes to decide what to give to your plants! Did you know that fruits and vegetables grown decades ago were much richer in vitamins and minerals than the varieties most of us get today? This is mainly due to two factors, soil depletion and greed! Modern intensive agricultural methods have stripped increasing amounts of nutrients from the soil in which the food we eat grows.

Furthermore modern agriculture is more focused on big fruits and vegetables that look good instead on the nutritional value of ends up at our table.

All seeds and plants that grow on CoolFarm vases are completely natural. The CoolFarm nutrients are also natural.

Your plants don’t need any chemicals or fertilizers to grow stronger! Seeds, fruits, leaves, stems, herbs, vegetables... consume them all in a perfectly pure and organic way. Have 100% natural food in the comfort of your home!

CoolFarm is also suitable for medicinal plants since it provides the ideal environment for them to keep all the proprieties that are so good to everyone's health. Brew your own natural remedies at home!

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Home design

CoolFarm is not only efficient and functional, but it is also AESTHETIC! Can you believe that? CoolFarm doesn't produce any mess or dirtiness due to its simple functioning. Your home is always clean, conformable and environmentally friendly.

The only byproduct you have is water which you can recycle or reuse in any way you like. But wait! There's more! New ideas keep on coming and we are now creating different vase designs so that everyone can have their homemade agriculture customized to their taste. Stay tuned!

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Fun & Social

Growing your own food doesn't have to be boring!

Control your plant growth through a fun, user­friendly App, whether you're using a smartphone, a laptop or a tablet. You will be able to share all plant data, your progress and ideas on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

Be a part of a wide community that has the same passion as you. Have fun and stay healthy!

The brains behind the scene

We are an experienced, passionate, creative and dedicated team composed by botanic PHD researchers, designers, robotic engineers, software developers and marketers.

CoolFarm was born late 2013 and it we have put hard labor and investment to bring yout the best solution for you homemade agriculture. We are proud of what we are doing! Make part of this project too!

Get involved

We are looking for investment to transform CoolFarm prototype into a standardized product worldwide in order to be available to everyone. This is our dream!

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CoolFarm is open to sharks, investors and partnerships. If you believe in this project and want to have your cut in the future contact us today!