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Empowering Indoor Farming

With an integrated, intuitive and proactive control system compatible with all horizontal/vertical greenhouses and warehouses.

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CoolFarm Dashboard Preview

Plant aware

CoolFarm is based in three vertices - Sense, Think, Do. Everything that sensors can measure, CoolFarm can analyze and activate the right measures to achieve efficient plant growth and maximize profitability. CoolFarm is the all-in-one system centered on plants needs.

Data has never been so easy to analyze

The software brings together the best practices of interaction design, visual design and information architecture, ensuring that all the interface elements are easy to access, to understand and to use. Everything from colors, typography, controls, navigational and informational components have been thought for the grower to create a unique experience and to improve efficiency and boost the manager performance.

CoolFarm on Mobile Devices

Decisions, anywhere, anytime

CoolFarm can be accessed from any browser through a mobile phone, tablet or a laptop. Finally the grower can feel and manage the farm from his pocket, from anywhere in the world and in real time.

Proactive technology

Using top notch technology, CoolFarm is a predictive and dynamic system solving unexpected situations in real time.

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Featured news

GFIA 2016, Abu Dhabi, 16–17 Feb­ruary

DEC. 12, 2015

We are proud to be a sponsor and supporter of GFIA (Global Forum for Innovation) 2016, having the opportunity to show and contribute with CoolFarm technology for the future of food regarding population growth.

FRUIT LOGISTICA 2016, Berlin, 3–5 February

DEC. 12, 2015

CoolFarm will be present in FRUIT LOGISTICA 2016 to show you everything you want to know about our solution! You can visit us daily from 9.00–18.00 hrs, at hall 7.1a B-09, Messe Berlin.




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