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Plant Awareness

The Eye is an innovative cloud based optical sensor made to capture plants' area and plant greenness, monitoring crops through time. Using the Eye, growers can make wiser and straight forward decisions to achieve the best results.

CoolFarm Eye

The Eye uses advanced computer vision algorithms to monitor crops through time. The imagery technique is non-destructive. All data is pushed to the cloud and displayed on the CoolFarm Eye dashboard to provide sense of plant growth rate/cycles and potential nutrients unbalances during the growing season.

Using the Eye, growers can make wiser and straight forward decisions over the fertigation demands of their crops to achieve the best results.

The Eye comes equipped with an anti-fog lens, allowing it to be installed in vertical farming warehouses or conventional greenhouses. It uses a single PoE (Power over Ethernet) connection for a cleaner installation, using a single cable for both power and communication.

CoolFarm Eye Dashboard
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Quotation Marks

CoolFarm have created a completely intuitive dashboard that allows us to have quick and easy access to all the data generated on our farm, which alongside the CoolFarm Eye allows us to monitor the health and growth rate of our plants even when we aren't on the farm.

Tom Webster
Tom Webster Co-founder & COO at GrowUp Urban Farms, a WHOLE FOODS MARKET supplier.
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